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Idaho Commission for Libraries Blog - August 28, 2015 - 1:42pm

By Gina Persichini, Technology & Access Services Consultant has seen a lot of changes this year. Here is a recap of new content, and information about what you might see for the LiLI Portal in the near future:

Content and Database Changes During 2015
  • American Decades Primary Sources – This new title to the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection covers the first decade of the twenty-first century from monumental events and groundbreaking individuals to the details of Americans’ daily lives.
  • Middle East Conflict – A new title to the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection, it provides a comprehensive and objective overview of the people, events, and documents that are key to understanding the complex relationship of the countries and cultures of the Middle East.
  • Explora Primary – Ebsco’s new interface for students in primary grades. Explora Primary replaces the Searchasaurus and Kid Search interfaces used in the past. This new interface provides a simple search for articles, essays, and primary source materials to support student learning and research. New topic overviews provide a great starting point for information seeking. 
  • Explora Secondary – Ebsco’s new interface for students in secondary grades.  Explora Secondary replaces Kid Search and Student Research Center interfaces used previously.  The new mobile-friendly design provides simple search, topic overviews, and relevant results to support classroom learning.
  • Explora Public – In the LiLI Portal, Explora Public is your one-stop shop interface for articles, primary sources, and a variety of resources to meet the information needs of library users. Explora Public is linked to most of the LiLI databases acquired through Ebsco. For those users that remember the front-page search on from the past, Explora Public is the most similar in terms of scope of coverage for a single search.
  • Chilton Library – Auto repair content at is now provided through Chilton Library. This reference tools includes information on vehicles dating back to the 1940s. Find repair diagrams, maintenance schedules and more for your automotive reference needs in this new addition to
What’s Next for
  • With new additions to the LiLI Portal, ICfL staff will be reviewing the organization of databases in each of the “User Groups” and “Topics” on the site with the intent to simplify categories with the most popular tools listed to avoid overwhelming users with long lists. 
  • More tutorials will be added to the LiLI Tutorials page at
  • Information about adding MARC records for LiLI resources will be added to the LiLI Databases website at
  • Branding instructions for properly attributing the “funded by LiLI” information to libraries’ websites will be updated with more options and flexibility.

We look forward to improving the and LiLI Database experience for all Idaho users.

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Publications Available from Office of Attorney General

Idaho Commission for Libraries Blog - August 28, 2015 - 1:21pm

The Office of the Attorney General recently published several manuals of interest to public libraries:

  • Idaho Open Meeting Law Manual at
    The Idaho Open Meeting Law was designed to ensure transparency of the legislative and administrative processes within state and local governments. It codifies a simple, but fundamental, Idaho value that “the public’s business ought to be done in public.”
  • Idaho Ethics in Government Manual at
    This manual includes Idaho’s three primary statutes governing ethics in government: the Bribery and Corrupt Influence Act; the Prohibition Against Contracts with Officers Act; and the Ethics in Government Act.
  • Idaho Public Records Law Manual at
    In 2015, the Legislature re-codified the public records law to provide one place for citizens to find laws relating to government transparency. Those changes are incorporated in this new edition of the Idaho Public Records Law Manual.

To request a hardcopy of these publications, go to the Office of the Attorney General’s online contact form at

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Registration open for Labor's 2015 Career Development Workshops

Idaho Commission for Libraries Blog - August 28, 2015 - 12:57pm

Idaho’s Career Development Workshop tour will start Sept. 23 in northern Idaho and conclude on Oct. 16 in Nampa.  Session choices include an overview of PTE SkillStack and Advanced Opportunities, Basic CIS and CIS Portfolio Use and Administration, and College Planning with Next Steps Idaho. Lunch for all workshop attendees will be provided, along with a lunchtime panel discussion of successful career development implementation in your part of Idaho. And don’t miss the hands-on Building Your Career Development Plan session – bring along teachers, administrators, anyone who can help your school or district infuse career development into all subject areas. 

For details and registration go to

The above  information was posted on behalf of Idaho Department of Labor, Idaho Career Information System:

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