Using the Library

Getting a library card
Check-out periods
Returning items
Overdues & fines
Lost or damaged items


Getting a library card: 
   Cards are free to those living within our taxing district (comprising parts of Idaho, Lewis & Nez Perce counties).  Those living outside the taxing district may buy a card for $25 per year.

   To get your first card, you must provide a photo ID and proof of your current address.  If your card is lost, stolen or destroyed, you may get a replacement for $1. 

   Children under 18 are required to provide an application signed by a parent or guardian.

   Patrons who are not full time residents may obtain a temporary card.  Temporary cards cost $25 and expire at a date you arrange with your library staff.  At the end of your visit, if all library materials have been returned and any fines paid, you will receive a $15 refund.  Restrictions may apply.  Contact your local library for details.

   Please be aware that you are responsible for all items checked out on your card.

Check-out periods: 

•   Books - 4 weeks
•   New books & bestsellers - 2 weeks
•   Audios (CD & cassette) - 4 weeks
•   Movies (DVD & VHS) - 1 week
•   Story kits - 1 week 

   Items may be returned at any VALNet library.  Our staff do not restrict what children check out without specific instructions from parents.  Parents who wish to restrict what their children check out should accompany or send someone with their child for that purpose.
   Items borrowed from other VALNet libraries may have different check-out periods.

Returning Items
  Items may be returned at any VALNet library.  We request that you bring audios and videos to the circ desk, as well as other easily damaged items, as they can be damaged if put in the drop box.

Prairie-River Library District items may be renewed once, provided you have no fines, fees or overdues, and there are no other requests for the item.  You may renew by calling your library or by going to your library account online. 
   Items borrowed from other VALNet libraries may have different renewal options.

Overdues & Fines: 
   Overdue fines for all video/audio items and story kits are $1.00 per day per item, up to a maximum fine of $7.50/item.  For all books and other items, the charge is $.15 per day per item, with a $4.50 per item maximum.  Fines may be paid at any VALNet library.
   Items borrowed from other VALNet libraries may have different fines.

Lost or Damaged Items:
   You will be charged the full cost of any lost or damaged items belonging to the district.  Please be aware that you may not purchase a replacement copy for the library in lieu of the replacement cost.

   As an alternative to full replacement cost you may be charged for partial damage of items kept in circulation after they've been damaged.  Fines for partial damage are at the discretion of library staff and are based on the extent and/or nature of the damage, as well as the costs of repair v. replacement.

   If you find and return a lost item undamaged, the replacement fee will be removed from your account; however, you will still be charged the overdue fine.  Please be aware items lost for a long time may be removed from the library system as unrecoverable; however, you will still be charged for the item.

   These policies relate to items owned by Prairie-River Library District.  Lost or damaged items borrowed from other VALNet libraries will be subject to the policies of the item's owning library.

Library staff will make every effort to assist patrons in accessing materials and information as other duties allow.  Reference materials are available for on-site use only and may not be checked out or taken from the library, however, patrons are allowed 10 photocopies per day free of charge from reference material.  Users of information obtained from the library are responsible for complying with appropriate copyright laws.